Helpful Hints

Welcome to our Healthy Homes Helpful Hints page.

Here we shine a light on our products so that you can be confident in using them and understand what they do and how they work to enable you to maintain a Healthy Home environment.

Some of the information is contained in more detail in our Blog posts and you will find links to articles that are relevant.

Info to guide you how to get best use of our products and more.

Below are links to our blog with how to use and information about some of our products.

Dampp Chaser Rods | Dry Rods | Mould Defenders

"Dampp Chasers® effectively help eliminate mould and condensation in closed spaces like cupboards wardrobes and storage spaces, whilst being backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty!"

Dampp Chaser® rods which are also known as; 

  • Mould Defender rods
  • Cupboard Dehumidifiers
  • Storage Dehumidifiers
  • Dehumidifier Rods
  • Dry Rods

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Link to >> Dampp Chaser Blog Information

Eco sprays and Foggers

So Safe Spray Away

Australian made Non-Toxic | Non-Bleach | Non-Corrosive | Biodegradable | Sprays

Sold as a concentrate or pre-mixed for indoor or exterior use (Ph Boosted)

Essentially they are Alkaloid as opposed to acid like many off the shelf products.

Link To >> So Safe Spray Away Shop Now  or  >> Spray Away Blog Post

Rechargeable foggers.

5 Innovative Uses for Mini Foggers in the Home 

Foggers, also known as mini foggers, misters or fogging machines, are versatile devices commonly associated with pest control and disinfection in commercial settings. However, their utility extends well beyond these applications. In recent years, mini foggers have found their way into many households, offering innovative solutions to a range of everyday challenges.

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