Dampp Chaser- Wardrobe-Cupboard Mould Defender

Dampp Chaser- Wardrobe-Cupboard Mould Defender

The benefits and uses of Dampp Chaser rods or Mould Defenders

Attention! Homeowners, hobbyists, collectors, boat & RV owners!

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What can Dampp® Chasers help with?

Safeguard your home or office with a Dampp Chaser® Dry-Rod cupboard dehumidifier, an excellent solution for reducing moisture in many essentially dry spaces in your home and office:

  • Enclosed cupboards,
  • Wardrobes,
  • Pantries,
  • Engine rooms,
  • Cameras
  • Gear lockers,
  • Electronics,
  • Yacht galleys,
  • Berths, and bilges.
  • Gun Safes
  • Collections

Where can you use Dampp® Chasers?

Dampp Chaser® 240V 12-35W low-power dehumidifier storage rods in 4 sizes. Invisibly shield your wardrobes and cupboards in

  • Homes,
  • Boats,
  • Vans,
  • RVs,
  • Storage areas,

from issues associated with mould dampness- condensation and humidity.

"Dampp Chasers® effectively help eliminate mould and condensation, whilst being backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty!"

Dampp Chaser Dry Rod.from Healthy Home Solutions AU
Dampp Chaser dry rod, from healthy Home Solutions. Special Offer,
Purchase 2 or more Dampp Chaser® Dry Rods and receive a mini temperature/humidity meter worth $10 for FREE!
Note: >> When buying online, please mention "Free meter offer.
Limit of 1 per customer available while supplies last.

What are the Benefits of a Dampp Chaser® Dry Rod?

- Enjoy the peace of mind of protecting your belongings from mould.
- Keep your valuable goods safe while you're on vacation or during severe storms.
- Say goodbye to musty odours in your clothes, wardrobes, or linen cupboards, and safeguard your camera and lenses from moisture damage.

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