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5 innovative uses for Foggers in the home

5 Innovative Uses for Foggers in the Home

Introduction to Foggers.

Also known as mini foggers, misters or fogging machines, foggers are versatile devices commonly associated with pest control and disinfection in commercial settings. However, their utility extends well beyond these applications.

In recent years, mini foggers have found their way into many households, offering innovative solutions to a range of everyday challenges.

This article explores five creative uses for mini foggers in the home.

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1. Disinfection and Sanitisation & Mould treatment

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In the era of heightened awareness of germs and viruses, mini foggers have become invaluable tools for disinfection and sanitisation. These devices disperse a fine mist of disinfectant or sanitiser, which can reach surfaces that might be missed with traditional cleaning methods. Fogging is particularly effective for eliminating mould spore, bacteria and viruses in hard-to-reach areas, such as vents, crevices, and even the air itself. This makes mini foggers an excellent choice for maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment.

2. Odour Removal

Stubborn odours can permeate a home and be challenging to eliminate. Mini Foggers can help neutralise odours effectively. By using an odour-neutralising solution in the fogger, the mist disperses and penetrates into fabrics, carpets, and other surfaces where odours may linger. This process can be especially useful for homes with pets or for dealing with cooking or tobacco smells. Fogging is a long-lasting and efficient way to restore a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

3. Humidification

Maintaining the right humidity level in your home is essential for your health and comfort, especially during dry seasons. Foggers can be adapted to serve as humidifiers, ensuring that the air in your home remains adequately moist. Using distilled water, a mini fogger can disperse a fine mist into the air, providing relief from dry skin, irritated respiratory passages, and other issues related to low indoor humidity.

4. Pesticide Application

Dealing with indoor pests like ants, roaches, or bedbugs can be a challenging task. Foggers designed for pesticide application provide an effective and efficient solution. The fine mist created by these mini foggers evenly distributes the pesticide throughout the targeted area, reaching pests in their hiding spots. It's important to follow safety guidelines and use these devices with caution, ensuring that the pesticide used is safe for indoor application. TIP Use a waterbase natural pesticide.

5. Plant Care

Indoor gardening and plant enthusiasts can benefit from mini foggers for maintaining a suitable environment for their green friends. Foggers can create a microclimate with the right humidity and temperature levels for certain plants. Orchids, ferns, and other moisture-loving plants can thrive with the assistance of a mini fogger. The fine mist helps create the ideal conditions for growth and can also deter pests that might otherwise harm your plants.


Foggers are not just for industrial or professional use; they have made their way into the homes of many individuals seeking innovative solutions to common household challenges. Whether it's disinfection, odour removal, humidification, pest control, or plant care, mini foggers have proven to be versatile tools. However, it's essential to exercise caution when using mini foggers, ensuring that you follow manufacturer guidelines and safety precautions, especially when dealing with chemicals or pesticides.


**CAUTION** Health & Safety TIP

Note For Safety and longer life of the unit: 
**Do not use with:
  • bleaches,
  • high alkaline or
  • inflammable liquids or 
  • powder fertilisers 
This may clog or deteriorate the internal hose and cause a leak.
For plants, simply use water. 

Important cleaning of Foggers:

Its always best to wash out the fogger tank after using different solutions as the internal pump or small-hoses can be damaged by some chemicals if left for long periods. Always wash out by filling the tank with water and spray for a few minutes. Then empty tank ready for next use.

When used properly, mini foggers can be valuable additions to your home, enhancing both your comfort and your well being.
Happy and safe fogging :))
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