• Success! With a mouldy under stairs.

    "Thanks to Darryl and the team at Healthy Homes Solutions' advice we now have a damp and mould free home. Beyond grateful for their years of wisdom on mould and solutions to combat dampness. In particular we used "So Safe" Spray Away in the Nano Spray Machine to clean the walls underneath our stairs and then painted the walls with 3 coats of mould retardant paint.  We used Peppermint or Easy Air essential oil in a diffuser to reduce the paint fumes, (which as an added bonus kept the geckos and spiders out of our home too!). The area is now clean and fresh. We've placed a Damp-Chaser Storage DeHumider in this area now to maintain this area. So happy and pleased with the result.I highly recommend Healthy Homes solutions and their products. :Sue Cooroy QLD

    Mini Fogger + Spray Away for mould