So Safe Spray Away concentrate

What is So Safe Spray Away? & How to Use It?

SoSafe Spray Away

Product description and usage information

SoSafe Spray Away is a chlorine and bleach-free, single-part product with disinfecting characteristics. Spray Away is safe for use on almost any surface and includes environmentally friendly, biodegradable and naturally occurring ingredients.

So Safe Spray Away® is safe for you and the environment, however we always recommend taking precautions. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  • What is PH Boosted used for?

    • SoSafe Spray Away – pH Boosted is the popular choice for mass transit agencies (bus/train) and the mining industry to safely degrease large assets quickly leaving surfaces in flawless condition. Ideal for removing heavy staining from greases, oil, bird droppings, tree tannins, food scraps, mould, fungus and grime.
    • A non-corrosive formulation that will clean almost any surface of general build-up, dirt, mould, oil and grease on hard surfaces and engine parts. Ideal for cleaning of heavy machinery, bus undercarriage cleaning, de-coking of coal trucks and other hard surfaces.

  • How many refills can I get from a 1 litre bottle of concentrate?

    • If you follow the instructions on the label, there are different rates of dilution for different uses.
    • for general use 125ml of So Safe concentrate mixed with 625ml water is 1:5 ratio and makes up 8 x 750ml spray packs
  • When using High PH Exterior mould cleaner do I need protective equipment?

    • YES, we suggest long gloves ,glasses or goggles, apron and boots.
    • Although it is non corrosive it can still irritate your skin and eyes and lungs if ingested.
  • Can I use So Safe in a mini Fogger?

    • Use So Safe mixed for general use can be sprayed in the air to settle any airborne mould spore before cleaning an affected room. A heavier mix for killing mould and spraying directly onto concrete or walls.
  • Other products that can be used in mini foggers
    • Vanilla Fresh can be used to kill odours.
    • Ten drops of essential oil diluted with water (see our essential oils for different uses)
    • HydroE fogger pack is an anti-bacteria spray. 
  • What are the benefits of using a mini fogger around the home?

    • Mini foggers can affect the air as well as have a residual effect when it is sprayed on to hard surfaces.
    • They can reach hard to get spots
    • More gentle on hands and skin
    • can kill airborne nasties/viruses
    • Use to apply a stronger mixed to hard surfaces for mould killing
  • Is it safe for your animals/pets?

    • Its best to let dry before allowing pets into wet sprayed areas. cover fish tanks and ponds if spraying into the air.
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