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Spray Away "Exterior" Bacteria & Mould Killer Concentrate 1L | *Makes up 8 more Bottles* Great Value!

Spray Away "Exterior" Bacteria & Mould Killer Concentrate 1L | *Makes up 8 more Bottles* Great Value!

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1000ml refill concentrate Exterior "Mould Killer" disinfectant. pH Neutral | Makes up 8 more spray packs! save $$$ non toxic-non bleach- pH Boosted for those harder exterior cleaning jobs.

Suitable for up to 2 rooms

  • Spray Away (SA) concentrate is a Low Odour potent indoor mould, fungus and bathroom scum remover which will return surfaces to their original condition. Helps with mould removal & prevention on house exteriors surfaces, including shipping containers.

  • Spray Away "Exterior" works by not only removing visible contamination but killing bacteria and surface mould, which would normally regenerate if left unattended. Can last up to 6 months*

Also Available as: Spray Away Interior (lower pH)

Spray Away "Exterior" Can be mixed down for House washing @ 1L:5L water (125ml to 625ml water +750ml) for 8 more Premix general-purpose 750ml refills of Mould killer spray.
Use 1:1 for heavy-duty mould clean. Use 1:10 for  washing windows & cleaning and benches.
1x 1000ml Commercial Grade Concentrate ... Refills up to 8 more"Spray Away" containers of Bacteria Killer Mould Killer PreMix Spray with Residual Mould Control for up to 6- 12 Months indoors. ADD extra bottles of SA Concentrate before adding to cart and save$!

Caution: As this product is pH boosted its best to wear long chemical gloves and where clear safety glasses. Other wise it has a drying effect on the skin and eyes. Flush out with water is best.

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