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Dampp Chaser® DC18-46cm-12W AU-Plug | Storage Dry-Rod | 10yr Warranty

Dampp Chaser® DC18-46cm-12W AU-Plug | Storage Dry-Rod | 10yr Warranty

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Mountable Low Power Dampp Chaser® | DC18 Storage Dehumidifier Dry Rod. 

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Dampp Chaser 46cm from healthy Home Solutions

At 46cm long the Damp Defender warms the cupboard and prevents mould build upPerfect for helping you reduce moisture and prevent mould & condensation. Acts as a wardrobe dehumidifier rod.

Suitable for:
Enclosed cupboards and wardrobes, RV's and Vans, pantries, gear lockers, safes, electronic switchboards,  camera & lens storage cupboards and more.
Dampp Chaser® 

Damp Defender

240V low power Storage Dry Rod with 10yr Warranty
  • Invisibly protects your enclosed storage areas from damp and humidity. No noise, silently operating day in day out helping with mould prevention.

  • Cuts down on need for cleaning mould on surfaces throughout the home or office storage spaces.

  • Once positioned in your storage area the Dampp Chaser® storage dry-rod needs no attention and simply plugs into a 240V wall socket with its 3 metre long lead.

Economical to use

Using very little power, operates on just cents per/day.   
Typically for a DC18 @12W uses approx 7c/day depending on size chosen.
The Dampp Chaser® storage dry-rod stays put with its included floor clips, silently &  automatically operates to reduce moisture and prevent mould growth from enclosed spaces. 


In a confined storage space, when the air is warmed, the relative humidity tends to decrease due to the greater capacity of warm air molecules to hold moisture. As a consequence, the objects in that space may be left slightly drier as the activity of the heated air molecules causes a slight pressure increase, forcing some of the moisture-laden air out.

To size up simply:

  • Measure the width of your cupboard or cabinet and choose a size to fit the maximum width.

  • Mount the Dampp Chaser® horizontally at bottom of cupboard or cabinet to allow the warm air to rise up.

ie a cabinet 80cm wide choose DC24-61cm, or a wardrobe 2m wide choose 2x DC36 = covers 1.82m etc. (multiple units can be plugged in to make up a larger area.) 

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