Jun 292017
Winter Condensation …… Using a Dehumidifier to Keep Your Home Dry.

From a Damp, Musty Winter to a Dry, Fresh and Healthy One For the past 3 years, we’ve been experiencing wetter than average winters across the eastern coast of Australia and this year is certainly no exception. As we know, with all that rain often comes an uncomfortable and unhealthy dampness in our homes. Another […]

May 092017
Life before and after my dehumidifier

My house before I purchased a dehumidifier: · All of my clothes were ’contaminated’: smelled anywhere between musty and downright putrid!               Leather bags, jackets and shoes where covered in green, white powdery mould.         The walls had visible signs of black spotty mould.     […]

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May 022017
Winter Condensation Solutions

With winter on our tail its a great time to prepare and dry your Home-Office-Boat-Caravan-Aircraft. Our proven cost effective dehumidifiers enable you to dry an enclosed area to prevent mould, mildew, condensation and corrosion. Reducing cleaning time and damage to property. They also serve well as an efficient laundry dryer in the home. Feel free […]

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Mar 172017
Cost Effective Dehumidifiers For Wet Homes

Heavy rains have hit many parts of the East Coast of Australia and with the rains,  come  the residual dampness and condensation. If these issues are not dealt with, the result could be musty smelling rooms with the potential of mould growth. Is There Moisture in Your Home That Be Causing Mould to Grow? · […]

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Sep 232016
A Spring Clean Time… Prevent Condensation, Musty Smells, Stinging Eyes & Constant Allergies!

Have you ever had trouble with mould and condensation, musty smells, stinging eyes and constant allergies? With your next Spring Clean try using Essential Oils & a Dehumidifier Cleaning and de-cluttering your home is for some , a task you would rather avoid, but in our home, it’s actually one of our favorite things to […]

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May 052016
Mould and Moisture in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

A staff member of Damp Solutions recently moved to Witta – and this was his experience of the climate, humidity and condensation he experienced in his newly acquired house. “Moving into our newly purchased home in Witta was an exciting time in our life. We always wanted to live in the hinterland and the opportunity […]

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Jul 292015
How to Keep your House Healthy & Dry

Every winter we read copious advice about how to keep colds and flus at bay. This good advice generally includes eating more fruit and vegetables, exercising, taking vitamin C and Echinacea, getting plenty of sleep and washing your hands frequently. But what about the environment that you live in? How healthy is your home? Is […]

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Jul 292015
Seccoprof 28 Litre Dehumidifier

Newly released SeccoProf EL 28L Dehumidifier the Electronic digital control version. Italian Design, professional quality stainless steel body, portable light commercial dehumidifier.Helps with control of moisture to prevent mould out breaks and condensation problems. Key Features at a glance Now with electronic digital control. 30-90%RH selectable with continuous or Laundry mode. Can run in very […]

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